ITAS Web Services v1


This section provides information on the methods and best practices used by Hivedome to generate their suite of ITAS web services. It is intended for use by Business Analysis, Testers and Developers who wish to consume ITAS Web Services.

This document does not discuss individual web services (with the exception of Eventing Web Services) but rather the principals and methods used to develop the services. It is hoped that by sharing this knowledge a greater insight into how to use Hivedome web services will be achieved.


Contents of ITAS Web Services v1

  • Help Portal

    Information on individual services can be found by accessing the ITAS Web Services Help Portal which is available on your test application server (or whichever server web services was installed on) if web services are ...

  • Web Services v1 Constitution

    Web API over WCF ITAS Web Services are Web API rather than WCF as we consider Web API better approach in this situation because: The Web API framework makes it easy to build HTTP web ...

  • Security v1

    Security will be delivered in two phases. In the initial delivery Hivedome will provide clients with a Client Key and HMAC. These strings are generated by Hivedome and are unique to each client. A call ...

  • Web Services v1 Best Practices

    This section is an overview on do’s and don’ts when creating your web service calls For Hivedome Nouns not verbs (the verbs are the HTTP requests). Good: GET /Contracts Bad: GET /GetAllContracts Keep Wording Short ...

  • Response Codes

    Hivedome Web Services return the following response codes: 200 – OK – Everything is working 201 – OK – New resource has been created 204 – The call is valid but resource does not exist ...

  • Events Notifications

    Describes the format for notifications received via the Events (Engine) API - suitable for developers working on Integration projects

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