ITAS Business Modules



This section is split by ITAS Module for easy reference. Each of the modules relates to a specific area of the system that can operate independently or be combined with others.

All ITAS environments will include the Financial Management and Ops and Infrastructure modules but all others are optional and may be subscribed to on a client by client basis as the functionality and applications contained within are specific to that particular area of the system/business.

Contents of ITAS Business Modules

  • Financial Management

    This Module is split into various categories relating to the general Financial Management activities around WIP, Client and Nominal ledgers.

  • Physicals Trading

    This Module contains procedures that handle all aspects of trading administration from contract negotiation/execution, producing contract advices, email documentation, traffic/logistics, invoicing, FX hedging, contract P&L, broker commissions through to Stock inventory and final liquidation. The ...

  • Finance and Banking

    This Module contains applications that are used to manage finance and banking facilities such as Letters of Credit and is geared towards managers and accounting based roles.

  • Inventory Management

    This Module contains applications used to manage stock/inventory.

  • Futures, Options, CFDs and Pricing Mechanisms

    This Module is sufficiently extensive to fulfill most back-office operations for a 'Commission/Brokerage House' business.

  • Ops and Infrastructure

    These procedures relate mainly to regular housekeeping and audit tasks. Hivedome setup, on behalf of the user company a standard list of overnight tasks that will always include daybooks, log prints and integrity checking. These ...

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