V2 has enabled Hivedome to start to define a model from scratch that will more accurately reflect the ITAS system as a whole. As a rule there is relationship between a single endpoint and a particular ITAS database table (e.g. exposes data from the xx_chr20 table), but this cannot be taken verbatim as the APIs also include business logic which may or may not read or update data in other tables as well.

Contents of ITAS API v2

  • Detailed Help Documentation

    Hivedome have adopted a commonly used Web Services tool known as APIARY (, an online API developer’s resource that allows code snippets in multiple languages,

  • Security v2

    Delivering V2 has seen the introduction of a new security package using the OWIN open source specification and Katana components built and released by Microsoft. This is highly secure as the tokens are not held in config and will enable Role based authentication to be introduced at a later date.

  • OData Support

    OData defines a system of querystring options that can help construct complicated queries to get the resource you want. As an architecture that's built on top of the current features of the Web,

  • API Responses

    The following responses are sent from the ITAS API:

  • Verb Usage

    As there is a debate about the standard usage of http verbs, the ITAS API has been generalised to use a set of standard verbs, common to many API platforms:

  • CommodityFullCode

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