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Why can't I use ITAS API?
To use the ITAS API you'll need an Enterprise Subscription to ITAS Services. Once you have upgraded you'll be able to access the API endpoints using a valid token specific to your organisation. Contact Us for information about upgrading.
How do I use ITAS API endpoints in my application?

This broad question is beyond the scope of this FAQ section, but here's a summary:


Endpoints (the web addresses you call) are split into categories that reflect the structure of the ITAS system. For full documentation of each endpoint, please refer to the APIary documentation.


To use ITAS API endpoints, you will need to use the authorization token provided to you by Hivedome when you upgraded to a NextGen Modules licence.

In your HTTP request, include a header with the following value:

Authorization: bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJK1NiJ9.eyJ25mixdMzZmJlZ0YjIiZ6MjMm5mIjDYyODcxMzIzfQ.HWuV6-j3GNKg-7SLP08vyEBKc

where the string after the word bearer is your authorization token (note: the example is not a valid token. Your token will be longer).


The web service will respond with a JSON body, which can be parsed natively by many languages. For a more in-depth introduction, please read this PDF.

Is there any documentation?

Yes, Hivedome have written extensive documentation on APIary, which provides a pseudocode that allows the API endpoints to be described to the extent that they can be dynamically mocked up quickly in any language. Being online this provides clients with a one-stop shop for documentation and investigation without writing a line of code. 

Links to ITAS API help portals (V1 and V2) and Apiary are available from ITAS servers and can be found in two ways:

  • http://{servername}:4720 this link will only be available in each client's local network.
  • Via the Help Menu link in Trader Desktop
Can I use the web services from a client-side web app?
Yes, as long as the port on which the API is hosted is publicly available. Contact your system administrator for more information.

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