Document Management


Document Management is of increasing importance in today's digital world and ITAS offers fully integrated solutions to both Desktop and remote workers.

ITAS provides the ability to both store and retrieve documents either generated through Core Module Applications or through external processes (email attachments, scanned documents).

The Heritage Application DOCMAN provided a simple search and list interface. The same functionality is available, including all historical index information, through Trader Desktop.

By integrating as a full service a number of changes and enhancements have been possible to extend both the reach and depth of functionality including:

  • Indexed Documents are available directly through the Trader Desktop.
  • DocType is defined as a property rather than a folder location (though it still is a location).
  • Improved Search – the search works across all visible columns in the grid.
  • Saving of Personal Filters (chosen filter persists across sessions).
  • Column Chooser – select from a predetermined list, visible columns are saved as part of the personal filter.
  • Automatic paging/scrolling – grid is filled as you scroll down the page, total at bottom is true.
  • On screen confirmation if the user adds a document via smart panel and they have company docs open.
  • Current auto indexing is unaffected.
  • New sibling auto indexing service, runs every 10 seconds (configurable).
  • 'Folder to watch' is configurable and includes multiple locations and sub-folders.
  • Any files found that meet the auto index criteria will be processed, those that do not will appear in the new Unindexed Documents Screen.
  • Auto Indexing Service can be set up to support some Companies and DocType and this is added by placing the document in relevant sub folders, so documents placed in:
    • /Dropfolder/ - are available in the Unindexed Documents screen.
    • /Dropfolder/AB/Invoice/ - are automatically indexed using the company code 'AB' and the Document Type 'Invoice' (note the docType must pre-exisit).
    • /Dropfolder/AB/ - appears in the Unindexed Documents screen with a company code of AB and no assigned Document Type.
  • Complementary indexes can now be configured to be 'Conditionally Mandatory' based in Document Type, for example:
    • a file indexed as /AB/CostReceipt can also require a field of ContractID
    • a file indexed as /AB/Invoice can also require mandatory fields of Vessel and WIP account.
  • Access extended to Web Portal for both upload and download functions.

The above is completely configurable and applies to auto-indexing and manual indexing. Any files not meeting the criteria are available for processing in the Unindexed Documents screen.

Identifying and Indexing Documents

The Indexing feature in the Unindexed Documents page is interesting and it is worth point out some details:

  • One or more indexing locations can be specified in config.
  • The locations are searched recursive (but currently there are no excluded locations).
  • If the index location follows the same structure as the Comp folder i.e. DropFolder/{TEID}/{DocType} the documents will be auto tagged with the trading entity and the  DocType.
  • Conditional Mandatory fields can be specified in the database. The current ‘standard’ configuration is specified below, there can be more than one conditional mandatory field. These are applied in the DocMan smart panel tab as well.
    • CashDocs > Document Reference
    • CliDocs > Client Account
    • Contractdocs > Contract ID
    • Invoices > Document Reference & Contract ID (demonstrating multiple)
    • Trade Docs > Contract ID
    • WipDocs > WIP ID
  • Once a document has enough information it will be automatically saved but will remain on the Unindexed Documents screen so the user can add additional information. If the user navigates away and goes back the document will have moved to the Company Documents Screen. 

Contents of Document Management

  • DOCMAN Configuration

    Information for configuration settings for Document Management solutions under Services