DOCSTATE - Document Status Codes


Allows maintenance of system-wide Status Codes that can be applied at Accounting Document level to control activity on them.

A Status Code has an implied relationship to the concept of being 'Locked'.

Any number of Status Codes can be configured to be used across ITAS (i.e. available to all Trading Company configurations).

These codes work in conjunction with two key areas of ITAS security control:

  1. EVENTSMAP -> Documents -> Default Document Status (i.e. what Status Code to apply when a Document is created)
  2. EVENTSMAP -> Processes  (i.e. which ITAS processes will enforce the 'implied' restriction on each Document)

Typical Scenario

Documents generated through Invoicing Applications such as SINVGL and DOCENT often trigger workflows beyond ITAS.

For example, creating a Provisional Sales Invoice could trigger a request for payment from the counterparty, or a message to the Accounts Receivable department.

In either case, what is commonly a manual operation (a direct email for instance) can be automated when an Integration strategy is employed.